Group show
Bomba Gens Centre d’Art, Valencia (ES)

Fernanda Fragateiro



“Hyperspace” is a notion used by contemporary physics to refer to a space that has more dimensions than those known. The recent sociology of the senses in turn questions the classical enumeration of the five senses and tells us that the perception is much more extensive and that it involves the entire body. Also that the perceptual scope is not only physical but above all cultural, material and political, and that it is determined by the movement of bodies.

This exhibition raises how the reflection on architecture is at the origin of numerous works of art that build spaces, based on perceptive, mental and affective imaginary. In visual arts, architecture, far from being an abstract space, becomes an envelope, a membrane, the skin of our life. The architectural space, which stimulates our mental projections and physical and psychic introjections (memories, actions), has not lost in art its original power to protect the body.

The reflection on this modern aesthetic sense of space can be seen in a series of works from the Per Amor a l’Art Collection, such as Carlos Bunga, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Roland Fischer, Ángela de la Cruz, Patricia Gómez and Maria Jesús González, Heimo Zobernig, Fernanda Fragateiro, Teresa Lanceta, Barbara Kasten, Inma Femenía, Nicolás Ortigosa, El último grito, David Reed or Irma Blank.

From the text “Hyperspace”, by Marisa García Vergara, which will be published in the forthcoming catalogue that accompanies the homonymous exhibition.

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