Het Voorstel – Een biënnale van ideeën

Group show
Cultuurcentrum De Steiger, 8930 Menen (BE)

Roeland Tweelinckx

The city of Menen, in cooperation with the cultural center, is developing a new concept.

Every two years an exhibition is organized for which artists can submit a work of art or even a proposal or idea for this edition. Because this exhibition is about imagination and desire. The starting point is that an unrealized or even impractical idea can also be a work of art.

Ten ideas or proposals were selected from the submitted proposals. Curator Hans Martens additionally selected a number of artworks that reinforce the central idea of ​​the exhibition. The selected ideas for ‘The Proposal’ get a place in the space but also in a corresponding publication between the artworks selected by Hans Martens.

A number of the artistic proposals were effectively carried out in the exhibition hall, the surroundings of the cultural center and in the city.


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