Saint Eustache church, Paris (FR)

Pascal Haudressy

Saint-Eustache Church takes great care in presenting temporary (especially during the Nuits Blanches) or permanent works of visual art. The organization of this vast building and its luminosity are conducive to original and strong works using light and video.

With “Le cœur qui nous anime” by the French videographer of Tatar origin Pascal Haudressy, curator Françoise Paviot, a renowned gallery owner, subtly renews the atmosphere of the Saint-Louis chapel. She placed a video screen vertically on the altar, which fits perfectly into the all-wooden environment.

The image, the geometric drawing in vibration of a heart, is part of the axial composition of this place and goes beyond the usual meanings of the altarpieces that illustrated the lives of a saint or the mystery celebrated at the altar, the priest being with his back to the public. Due to new liturgical practices, this type of sign is abandoned and becomes a simple heritage element.

Placing a work that attracts the visitor’s attention sometimes opens up other uses, no longer sacramental or devotional, but rediscovering a space, cultural reflection at the beginning and spiritual openness. The piece “Le cœur qui nous anime” is a real success for the accuracy of the theme and the quality of the editing.

– Jean Deuzèmes in Voir et Dire

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