Solo show
Galerie de la Marine, Nice (FR)

Tatiana Wolska


A staunch self-builder and bargain hunter, Tatiana Wolska works the place dry, captures what, little by little, makes a place lived in and occupied by an individual. By immersing herself in this environment, she made a «room of one’s own» as in the title of the book by Virginia Woolf, founding text of the history of feminism. Without wanting to create a place to hide or shut oneself away, she designed these fictional structures, the fruit of memory and her imagination where architecture extends beyond its field to invent new stories. With this «desire to build, or to simply make something with ones own hands», Tatiana Wolska evades the minimalist forms so heavily present in exhibition rooms and in homes. To do this, she unloads, sorts, and rifles through materials she collects before putting them together again, arranging them and attaching them to create a shape, akin to both an abandoned building or emergency shelter.
Poetry of buildings or new organisation of the urban and home space? From this organic shape made of wood, which touches the dividing line between sculpture and design, Tatiana Wolska reuses anything you usually throw away. «Without being an active ecologist, I don’t like cluttering up our planet more than it is already. I therefore mainly use recycled materials. I know this type of statement is very common at the moment, but over time I realised that it’s more of a habit, straight out of the post-communist environment in which I grew up. Our resourcefulness was not so much a fad but recycling necessary for everyone to function» says the artist.

– Marianne Derrien, curator


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