Group show
Galeria Municipal do Porto, Porto (PT)

Rui Calçada Bastos


GERMINAL – O núcleo Cabrita Reis na Coleção de Arte Fundação EDP

Following the EDP Foundation’s acquisition of the Cabrita Reis Collection in 2015, the Galeria Municipal do Porto, in collaboration with the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) presents the most comprehensive exhibition to date of this collection. Germinal will focus on a vast and significant set of works that have been acquired by the artist Cabrita Reis over the last three decades, with special focus on the early or founding years of leading Portuguese artists who have affirmed their careers over time. With a broad and solid representation of the so-called “Nineties generation”, complemented by the artists from earlier and later generations, the exhibition aims to introduce spectators to a set of remarkable works and reveal the gaze of an attentive and dedicated collector, with close ties to artists and experimental practices, reflecting cosmopolitanism, edginess and a firm commitment to the future.

Curateurs: Pedro Gadanho and Ana Anacleto


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