Performance by Pauline Mikó

Irène Laub Gallery, Brussels (BE)

Pauline Mikó
in the exhibition “Gardening the Forest”
by Stijn Cole & Elise Peroi

A fascinating dialogue between plants, the human body and technology.

Artist Pauline Mikó (BE) performs live in symbiosis with an array of plants, whose roots are connected to her body via a system of sensors and electrodes. Using synthesisers and advanced electronics, the bioelectric exchange is transformed into sounds. From sound waves generated by touch, electronic music is then created, both for the ears of onlookers and for the plants themselves.

We are happy to present a musical performance on the occastion of the duo show “Gardening the Forest“, by Stijn Cole and Elise Peroi.

“The forest is like breathing,” Peroi says, “constantly in motion.” She transforms its immensity into tactile works that engage the environment through their volume and transparency. In contrast, Stijn Cole’s work is more delineated, stemming from his highly precise methodology. Whereas Peroi translates the incomprehensible into an intuitive and lyrical form, with Cole the poetic beauty arises from establishing and measuring. His perception, including registered colours and his own eye level, are starting points for his capture of nature. – Ilse Roosens



Saturday 03.02 at 3pm

Irène Laub Gallery
29 Rue Van Eyck
1050 Brussels (BE)


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