Group show
Regent's Park, London (UK)

José Pedro Croft

Frieze Sculpture is located in The Regent’s Park’s English Gardens at the south end of The Broadwalk, connecting Frieze London and Frieze Masters. Clare Lilley, Director of Programme at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, selected and placed the works in the gardens. Frieze Sculpture will open in September and enjoy a two-month display until the end of October.

José Pedro Croft’s installation is presented by Galeria Vera Cortês from Lisbon (PT).

“This work is about issues of geometry, how they order the world, creating a nature, other, landscapes. A monumental construction, colour panes in fragile balances, and imminent collapse.” – José Pedro Croft

“The work that Croft conceived for Regent’s Park is a colossal set of six panes of painted iron (four) and glass (two) that articulate as a huge portico through wich one can wander. The set of panes painted in white, red, orange, blue and green alternate in mate and glossy surfaces, complexifying the effect of filters and light reflections provided by the glass panes, wich are coloured as well.
The set rests on asteel structure, a rail that unifies the assembly and makes it float over the ground, as if its weight were irrelevant when faced with another subject: colour.”
– Delfim Sardo