Group show
Tabacalera, Madrid (ES)

Rui Calçada Bastos


ESCALA 1:1 A reflection on the Scale in Architecture and the Work of Art:

“In the relationship between the dimension of the object and that of its representation can not, in any case, exist without scale, even when we consider a metric or other scale, from the moment in which the thing exists, it is place in the world and therefore, its scale can be calculated. The extent to which the definition of scale is presented meets the relational totality possible, whose amplitude completes a spectrum that is offered from the least infinite to the most infinite, in which the scale 1:1 will be the zero point.

In view of this relational perspective we can also propose another consideration, that the Works of Art, by their ontological nature, are always in real scale. That is, it is not what the work represents what is in real scale, but the work itself, which is presented in a body-to-body relationship of the work and the viewer, which is always on a real scale.”

text by Nuno Sousa Vieira


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