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Group show
Maison des Arts, Bruxelles, (BE)

Lucile Bertrand and Eirene Efstathiou


The exhibition brings together twelve visual artists (sculptures and installations, photos and videos, drawings, books and performances) who have a specific relationship with words and with text. If they each have their specific practice, words are certainly their favorite object, their research material; they question them, weight them, manipulate them…

In each case, conscious of the scope of words, they choose them with precision to reveal, in certain cases, their value and their strength, and in others, their weakness and their lack of consistency. While questioning what words can make the image say, some upset their use to provoke the gaze. For others, words replace images: the words themselves become images. Nonetheless, it happens that the meaning appears in a subtle equilibrium between text and image: the meaning of words as well as those of images is often at the intersection of the two. Finally, inversely, some images manifest the impotence of words, or even, in some cases, their disappearance. One meets the art of absolute concision when just one word is enough, for the sake of discretion or, on the contrary, of assertion. One also comes across the art of borrowing, such as practiced by the poets Emily Dickinson yesterday, and Kenneth Goldsmith today, who construct new phrases from existing ones. The art of narrative is often shaken up or at odds with what one would expect. And the art of covering that sometimes allows to see better.

With Lucile Bertrand, Pierre Buraglio, Marcelline Delbecq, Eirene Efstathiou, Sylvie Eyberg, Barbara Geraci, Florian Kiniques, On Kawara, Daniel Locus, Stefana McClure, Chantal Maes, Godelieve Vandamme

Curator and text: Lucile Bertrand

Maison des Arts
147 Chaussée de Haecht, Schaerbeek (BE)

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