Em bruto: relações comoventes

Solo show
Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia, Léon (ES)

Fernanda Fragateiro

Em bruto: relações comoventes is the result of an extensive conversation initiated by the Curatorial Space of FCAYC more than two years ago with the Portuguese artist Fernanda Fragateiro, born in Montijo (Portugal), materialised in a specific project for the exhibition space of the Cerezales Antonino and Cinia Foundation and a publication.

Materials Lab, a deep and complex archive of work in permanent evolution, developed by Fernanda Fragateiro on the basis of a research residency proposed by the Harvard Art Museum, acts as a trigger for dialogue. The multiplicity of layers of information and the contemporary historical variables incorporated in this archive propose new readings of today through the pillars that make up Fernanda Fragateiro’s work as a whole – architecture, urbanism, social movements (race, gender), politics and landscape, among others.

Materials Lab unfolds on this occasion as an emphatic statement in accordance with the industriousness and cadence of a place of material production, a shipyard -estaleiro in Portuguese-, irrigating the exhibition space with the images, possibilities and potential relations necessary for the collective renewal of the present.


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