Chanter comme des oiseaux

La Chaufferie – Fondation Fiminco, Romainville (FR)

Lucile Bertrand


VOSTOK is a cycle of performances and events organised in the context of the exhibition Symbiosum at La Chaufferie – Fondation Fiminco (FR). Lucile Bertrand presents her performance “Chanter commes des oiseaux” in collaboration with Ballets Confidentiels.

Between enchantment and melancholy, “Chanter comme des oiseaux” evokes the progressive dwindling of the richness of sound emitted by birds. Half of the fourteen bird songs drawn on the music scores come from the four corners of the world. Described and compared with human or mechanical sounds, those songs have either disappeared or are in the process of doing so. Birds have a musical range that is the envy of many composers, they possess the art of adapting to their sound environment and Lucile Bertrand entrusts the interpretation to the duo Ballets Confidentiels: Johanne Saunier, choreographer and vocalist, and singer Eléonore Lemaire. More information here



On Friday 7.04.23
From 9pm > 11pm

Fondation FIMINCO
43 Rue de la Commune de Paris
93230 Romainville (FR)


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