Caixa para guardar o vazio

Group show
Teatro Municipal do Porto, Porto (PT)

Fernanda Fragateiro

Caixa para guardar o vazio [Box to Keep the Void] is a performing sculpture with an educational angle.
It was created in 2005 following an invitation by Teatro Viriato. This box is matter, form and also event. It is a place to explore with one’s body in a process of individual or collective discovery. It presents itself as a “closed wooden box” that is activated by the bodies of two dancers who unveil it in dialogue with groups of children using movement and voice. The space opens up, folds, unfolds and expands itself, thus establishing an atmosphere of communication and discovery that ends with the unveiling of the inside of the sculpture — that’s when we realise our body is also a place.

Fernanda Fragateiro (Montijo, 1962) lives and works in Lisbon. Working with three-dimensionality, challenging tense relations between architecture and sculpture, the work of Fernanda Fragateiro enhances relations with the place, calling upon the spectator to perform. Some of her projects were the result of collaborations with other visual artists, architects, landscape architects and performers. She has exhibited her work in several museums and institutions at home and abroad.


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