Biennale P(ART)cours 2021

Group show
Wolubilis Art Center, Brussels (BE)

Tatiana Wolska


The “P(ART)cours Biennale” offers an innovative life-size contemporary art experience in Brussels. This exhibition, designed to make people discover contemporary art to all audiences, invites you to an artistic walk through Auderghem, Woluwe -Saint-Pierre and Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.

The complex link between civilization and nature, as well as environmental concerns in contemporary creation, are the guiding threads of the Biennale. The works/interventions are based on the desire to establish an artistic, poetic or sensitive dialogue with the “ordered” nature of contemporary parks while questioning the societal challenges of our time. By linking culture and landscape, the event reflects on the fragile, transient, ephemeral and precarious equilibrium that must be preserved in the relationship between hymanity and its environment.


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