Ballets Confidentiels

Fondation Blan, Brussels (BE)

Lucile Bertrand


As part of Stephan Balleux’s ‘Artificialia’ exhibition at the Fondation blan, an opera singer (Eléonore Lemaire) and a dancer (Johanne Saunier) have devised a journey inspired by the incongruities that the artist scatters throughout his works, creating a certain ambiguity in the viewer’s eyes. A blue cloud on an old document, an irruption of birds on portraits of women, erased faces… If our gaze is constantly renewed in the face of these strange universes, Ballets Confidentiels explores the power of sound and gesture in the place that hosts them. And while the classical music in the salons of the foundation could be a reference to the bourgeois world of the 19th century, the strolling form and the proximity of the bodies, a kind of gust of wind, an eruption of new energy, raises questions about the identity and place of music and dance.

By returning to their essence (in the sense of returning, as if turning upside down), acapella voice and dance in their rawest form, without any formal distance from the audience, the artists accentuate the physical sensations they provoke and, in so doing, encrust their own obsessions onto the walls. A stroll from the top floor to the cellars, a journey from the singularly classical to the strangely organic. The public wander along with the artists, choosing their own point of view, just like in an exhibition.

Les Ballets Confidentiels are choreographic and musical actions freely inspired by Debussy, Rachmaninov, A. Petit, and bird scores by visual artist Lucile Bertrand.



On Thursday 7.09.23 and Friday 8.09.23
From 7pm
Duration of 1h30
Price: 20€

Fondation Blan
Boulevard Général Jacques, 26
1050 Brussels (BE)


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