Autobiographies de Santiana Wolcoq

Duo show
Galerie Duchamp, Yvetot (FR)

Tatiana Wolska


Download the exhibition’s portfolio here and listen to an audio presentation by the two artists here!


Sandriana Leska, Siana Woq, Tara Lecoska…
Santiana Wolcoq could have been called something else.
It is here, at the Galerie Duchamp that she lives her story told for the first time.
Before 2020, she didn’t exist.
Before 2020, she was two distinct people who knew each other without meeting each other.
At Santiana’s place, there is a bit of Sandra and a bit of Tatiana.
She is a woman, an artist and a mother.
The works of Tatiana and Sandra Lecoq are linked.
Both have a relationship to thread, embroidery, accumulation and proliferation, their forms have something organic.
Sandra has a very strong relationship to color; she is a painter, even when she sews, braids fabric or makes patchworks; Tatiana uses materials that she finds, often scraps, from which she assembles and builds forms in volume, quasi-architectural – caves, huts, shelters.
This exhibition tells the story of their meeting in a space but also an exchange, as when they come to draw in turn on a sheet of paper folded and sent by mail.
This exhibition retraces their history before and after their meeting.

Galerie Duchamp is the contemporary art center of Yvetot (FR).


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