Group show
Lustwarande, Tilburg (NL)

Tatiana Wolska


With the great emphasis on materiality that has been evident in contemporary art for over a decade, classic materials such as clay, textiles and, to a lesser extent, stone are being re-examined by the current generation of artists. Clay and textiles have become an indispensable part of the post-media practices of the latest cohort. Without a doubt, the oldest construction material, wood, is sure to follow.

On the occasion of the fourteenth edition of the international outdoors sculpture exhibition Lustwarande, the focus is exclusively placed on wood in its contemporary usages. ARBOS – the latin word for trees – is an ode to the oldest sculptural material, which Tatiana Wolska intends to transform into a monumental circular structure. Themes of identity, gender, climate are explored in the context of sustainability, social cohesion, and relationships between contemporary sculpture and architecture.



Opening Sunday 07.07.24

Park De Oude Warande
Tilburg (NL)


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