A Waking Dream

12 Hammersmith Grove, London (UK)

Tatiana Wolska

‘A Waking Dream’, is an exhibition of recent work by Jan Eric Visser and Tatiana Wolska in collaboration with l’Étrangère.

The exhibition has been inspired by John Keats’ poem ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ and explores ideas around themes of nature, transience and finitude, referencing environmental and ecological concerns, such as the climate crisis, waste, resource depletion and overconsumption.

Describing herself a ‘junk collector’, Wolska uses found, often discarded industrial waste materials such as plastic bottles, salvaged timber, rusty nails and foam from old mattresses and ‘gives them a new life’. She transforms these humble materials into seductive poetic, biomorphic sculptures which often confront or enter into a dialogue with the environment and architecture.

Wolska’s work acts to remind us of our responsibility to consider our consumption, the materials we waste and the long-term impact of our behaviour on our planet. An economy of means and simplicity of gesture are the foundation of her sculptural work. Her slow and painstaking practice sublimates the simplicity of the materials – recycled waste materials, always – in order to bring out their poetry.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10am -6pm.

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