Pascal Haudressy, Heartn 2012n Numeric loop, variable dimensions

les pouvoirs de l’émotion

Group Show
Centre Pompidou, Paris (FR)

Les pouvoirs de l’émotion – événement accélérations

Pascal Haudressy

On September 14 and 15, 2018, emotions invade the Center Pompidou on the occasion of the Accelerations event. For the launch of his first season titled The Powers of the emotion, the event Accelerations offers a program open to all, free, participatory and innovative that is available throughout the Center Pompidou. With the event Accelerations the public is invited to experiment, feel and discover the many facets of the powers of emotion through performances, debates, creative family workshops, thematic visits of the permanent collections in the presence of artists, scientists, contractors …

The Accelerations event is the realization of a new form of dialogue between the artistic world and the buisness world.
Created in 2018, “Center Pompidou Accelerations” federates the Center Pompidou and companies that all share the same conviction : to create the world of tomorrow, innovate and find answers to managerial challenges, it is necessary to
engage with today’s artistic creation, in a dialogue with scientists and researchers.

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