Group Show
Rua Conde das Antas 53 B. Campolide, Lisbon (PT)

Rui Calçada Bastos

Part of the Festival dos Espaços de Artistas 2019, Undercover, this is a collaboration between the artists So a Marques Ferreira and Rui Calçada Bastos and the musician Tiago Miranda, which takes place from 16 to 18 May from 19h to 22h, Rue Conde das Antas 53B in Campolide, Lisbon.

Festival dos Espaços de Artistas is an initiative dedicated to the Artists, which simultaneously offers new projects, events and performances. The aim is to provide the public with an overview of independent artistic research in Lisbon and to propose a dynamic and vital approach to contemporary art, displayed here in unusual contexts.

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