Tinka Pitoors
Born in 1977 in Brasschaat (BE)
Lives and works in Antwerp (BE)


Tina Pitoors’ sculptures and objects arise from this perception and examine the utopia of a malleable world, a reflection on landscape as a metaphor for a condition humaine. The landscape is presented as a plane for the projection of desires and clich├ęs. Its surface is frayed, cut up and glued back together again in a renewed scenery that blurs boundaries between inside and out. This condition implies a constant pushing along, a contortion of form and movement.
By combining recognizable, everyday forms and materials with my own constructions, a new and unique language of form is created. Sculptures and installations function like neologisms: they are grafted onto situations we know, but exist in and create a parallel sculptural reality.




Mixed media, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent (BE)
Academy of Fine Arts, Lisbon (PO)
Painting, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent (BE)