Raphaël Denis
Born in 1979 in Paris (FR)
Lives and works in Paris (FR) and Brussels (BE)


Since the beginning of the 2000s, Raphaël Denis has been working on the creation of a plastic language firmly rooted in the forms, materials and vocabulary of the art world, having attentively observed its system, codes, norms and secrets. Entertainment and consumption, two phenomena that more than ever dominate our reality, constitute two major issues that Denis addresses using irony and ridicule. In his Protean approach of art, he represents the young artist who is faced with a complex environment in which it’s hard to find one’s place. Unrelenting in his questioning of the status and role of the artist, Raphael Denis explores the different stages of a path: finding a gallery, courting collectors, entering the market and asserting his unique personality (his image). He points out stereotypes and commonplaces in order to reveal the mysteries of a system in which cult and vanity often take precedence over content and form. Raphael Denis has generated a disruptive oeuvre that stimulates reflection, centered on the vocabulary of contemporary art. Fully aware of the challenges posed by his milieu and the complexity thereof, he concentrates on what governs and sustains it. He playfully underlines the excesses and the standardization of forms and concepts. Through his way of working, which is shaped by its multitude of references and citations, he opens up a whole new realm where criticism and discussion become possible.